Connecting and Assisting!

Cek Cepat is Indonesia’s first personalized telehealth and health monitoring services provided in the privacy and comfort of the patient’s own home.


Our Services


Health Services performed via in-app online consultation, remote patient monitoring and teleradiology.

Home Visit & Home Care

Schedule a doctor, a nurse, a physiotherapist or a caregiver house call to treat your ailments. (medical equipment rental)

Pharmacy & Laboratory

Get your medications sorted, refilled and delivered to you. The same goes with your lab tests, even yearly medical checkup.

Testing for Covid-19 From Your Home

Skip the long lines at testing drive-thru & get tested in the comfort of your own home.

*All services will be available soon.

Consult your health problems in just few clicks!


EASY TORegister

Join the app in just 3 easy steps and get started maintaining your health.


SIMPLE TOFind Your Doctor

Once you’re signed up you can book an appointment Consult, and get your treatment and prescription.


FAST TOConsult

Your Body health condition and get health report & notifications when your health is changing.


Home Care

Delivered in the comfort of the patient's home. Thus preventing you from getting infected by various diseases

Cost Efficiency

Cuts down expenses on hospital/treatment costs

Health Monitoring

Early detection and avoidance of lifestyle diseases due to health monitoring

Less Stress

Saves time, energy, and stress for rushing, traffic jam, or queuing for doctor consultation


Easy to use, anytime, everywhere with ease

Some frequently asked questions.

This service allows patients to consult doctors without the need to be physically present. In pandemic time such as now, this is the best way to connect and get medical services from your doctor.

The service is most suitable for follow-up patients. Most stable health conditions are able to be consulted via Teleconsultation. Please do note that you may be required to come to hospital or clinic for follow up.

Our doctor shall consult to the best of his or her capability while carrying a Teleconsultation session. However, should you be required for any tests or required for a more detailed diagnosis, our doctor shall advise accordingly.

Yes your doctor can write prescription and Pharmacists will process that and contact you on the arrangement of medication delivery.

You will receive your laboratory test results by way of a Laboratory Report which would be sent to your email and to your account in cekcepat app. However, should you wish for the report to be physically delivered to you, the laboratory can arrange for its delivery to an address that you specify with a small fee.

You are able to make payment while using the cekcepat app. It is before your time slot of consultation that you have to make payment.

We accept payment through m-banking, Jenius, OVO and GoPay.